Sauteed Quinoa



“Quinoa, you say? What, Kitchenette, that leafy green up there? Pish posh. Quinoa is clearly a grain, you half wit.”

Dudes and dudettes, I would have been saying the same exact thing not 2 weeks ago. But I scored some raw quinoa from the farmer’s market last week. I would equate the experience of buying raw quinoa to, I don’t know, seeing your elementary school teacher at a strip club, or seeing your dog walk on it’s hind legs. You’re kind of like, “wait – quinoa actually grows on a plant? It doesn’t just show up in my Whole Foods bulk aisle of it’s own accord?” 

In my typical fashion, when I saw the sign for “Quinoa” at the farmer’s market last Saturday, I immediately thought, “OMG! I have to buy some!” while at the same time having absolutely no clue what to do with it, of course. In the course of my research, I found that quinoa is only grown at very high altitudes, which would explain why I’ve only seen it here in Colorado and never at any other farmer’s markets I’ve visited. Supposively the leaves can be eaten like spinach, and so I decided to saute them like I would with spinach.


Raw Quinoa2


A swig of olive oil, some crushed red pepper, a clove or two of minced garlic, and a knob of butter… the beginnings of a beautiful sauteed vegetable. When I prepped the greens for cooking, I thought I did a pretty good job of de-stalking the quinoa, but when the greens were cooked, I found them a bit too rich in stalk for my taste. So just so you know, if you ever happen to come across this heirloom grain, be extra careful in your de-stalking.

Overall, I thought it was really good. The green is a bit spicy, but it’s also a little sweet like spinach. Since it’s a bit spicy, I would recommend serving it with beef or pork, but not something delicate like fish. I’ll definitely buy it again if I see it at the market.




Raw Quinoa3

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